Metal Camp 09: Down, Hatebreed, Dragon Force

This was my first photo assigment on Metal Camp but since I visited last year MC, I knew were I was going to. To mordor land that is. Rain, cold and moist were there for 5 days and when I came to Tolmnin,  there was only mud whereever I looked. For that reason I stayed only for one day.  Fortunately my E-3 is weatherproff so at least I did’t had to wory about equipment.

For each band photographers had 3 song in the photo pit, which was realy full (about 20 + photogs).The metal camp organizer was kind enough to let me shoot during the press conference that Down had in the backstage, which was prety fun. Their performance later was amazing, but I must say Hatebreed were the winner of this day, since they realy made a big impression on the crowd, which started to mosh around the sound tent 🙂

Anyway, Metal Camp is definitely on of the best festival in Slovenia regarding the organization and big band names. Keep on the good work.


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